Spa Atlantis

The Rasul Ceremonial Chamber

This luxurious body treatment is reminiscent of the ancient Arabian cleansing rituals of royalty. This private, extravagant experience takes place in a temple under the twinkling light of the stars and concludes with a tropical rain shower. The Rasul Ceremony may be experienced solo or with a partner.

Terra Sigillata Rasul Ceremony

You artfully apply six healing muds harvested from around the world while the chamber fills gently with herbal steam. Feel the detoxifying properties of each mud as a mask forms while you relax on your heated throne. The ceremony concludes with a refreshing shower and your skin is detoxified and renewed, silky smooth.

Bali Paradise Rasul Ceremony

Your ceremony begins with the application of a customized blend of freshly prepared fruits and oils used to create a mask over the body. While in the chamber, aromatic infused steam will enhance your exotic escape penetrating the fruit enzymes deep into the skin. Your ceremony finishes with a refreshing shower and your skin fresh and aglow.