Green Initiatives

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Atlantis believes in commitment and conscientiousness in green practices

Atlantis Casino Resort Spa recognizes that we all have a direct impact on the environment. That is why Atlantis has implemented eco-friendly processes and solutions in its operations. Atlantis takes great pride in conserving today to protect tomorrow.

Implementing efforts in energy-efficiency

Atlantis has a number of energy-efficiency measures in place to reduce its carbon footprint. Efforts include energy-efficient lighting, variable speed drives on heating and cooling water pumps, and a state of the art energy management system.

  • Atlantis has light sensors in all of its hotel bathrooms, back of the house departments, outside public areas, and glass units to automatically turn off lighting when there is enough sun light exposure.
  • Atlantis installed variable speed drives on its domestic heating and cooling water pumps to capture measureable energy savings. Learn more about energy savings.
  • Atlantis invested in a state-of-the-art energy management system that allows its engineers to control and monitor its energy usage throughout the property.
  • Atlantis donates computers and parts to a local supplier that refurbishes, recycles and redistributes technology back into the community. Atlantis uses cloud and virtualization technology to efficiently utilize hardware and save on energy. More than 50 machines have been virtualized to-date.

Recycling initiatives in daily operations

Atlantis has an integrated environmental solutions plan that includes an organics recycling program, single-stream recycling program, and biodiesel fuel recycling program.

  • Atlantis was the first casino in northern Nevada to launch an organics recycling program. Through this initiative, food scraps and other organic materials are separated and diverted from the traditional waste stream and processed into compost. Read more.
  • Atlantis has a single-stream recycling program to capture additional materials from the waste stream. This program allows recyclable materials, such as cardboard, chipboard, paper, plastics, aluminum, and steel cans to be deposited into one container.
  • Atlantis recycles its kitchen vegetable oil (cooking oil) waste to make biodiesel fuels, which can be used in place of petroleum diesel fuel for vehicles. Biodiesel is a renewable resource, and it creates less pollution than petroleum diesel.

Developing a healthier environment

Atlantis knows that a healthy environment is necessary for the well-being and vitality of its guests, team members and the community. That is why its environmental commitment extends from its operational practices to its products.


  • Mattresses are EPA approved
  • Low energy light bulbs are in guest rooms and motion sensor lights are in bathrooms
  • Water-efficient shower heads, faucets and toilets
  • Guest room soaps are made from natural ingredients
  • Towel and linen reuse in encouraged through signage and eco-benefit explanation
  • Laundry detergents and soaps are biodegradable and/or organic
  • Use of organic teas and in-room coffee
  • Energy efficient dishwashers
  • Food is sourced from local growers when possible
  • Guests have convenient access to public transportation and airport shuttle service
  • Recycling of in-room electronics, televisions, DVDs, radios and partially used linens

Air Quality:

Atlantis is sensitive to its guests who want a place to play, but prefer to do so in a non-smoking area. The installation of a state-of-the-art ventilation system allows engineers to control and monitor the property’s air circulation. In ideal weather conditions, the system brings in 100% fresh air. Atlantis has a number of air filtration units placed throughout the property to enhance the air quality. In addition, the high ceilings also facilitate the ventilation process.

Non-smoking areas include: 86% of guest rooms, restaurants, Race & Sports Book, the Poker Room, the Sky Terrace, the large section of slot machines by the Gift Shop, the section of slot machines by java, Etc., Toucan Charlie's Buffet & Grille Bar, the area around and including the Atrium Bar, second floor, the spa and fitness center and the outdoor pool deck.

Electric Car Charging Stations

Atlantis offers hotel guests two complimentary electric car charging stations located in the valet area. Please contact the Bell Desk for any assistance. For more information please check out this link: Tesla Car Charging Stations.