Win/Loss Statements 

You can now access your Win/Loss statements from the past six (6) years online. To view your Win/Loss Statements, simply log in to your MyAtlantis online account and click on "View Win/Loss Statements" in the menu under "My Account" as shown in the screenshot below.

Don't have an online account? Sign up for free and link your account to your Monarch Rewards card.

Win/Loss Statements are also viewable on our Atlantis Reno app. Learn More

Desktop Instructions

  1. Log into your MyAtlantis Online Account
  2. Click on "View Win/Loss Statements on the under "My Account"
  3. Select Statement Year and click View/Print Statement
Win Loss Statements
Win Loss Statements

Mobile App Instructions

  1. Launch the "Atlantis Reno" app and tap on the top right icon to log in
  2. Once logged in successfully, tap on the top right icon again to access the menu
  3. Tap View Win/Loss Statement on the menu
  4. Tap "View my Win/Loss Statement" from the menu
  5. Select the Win/Loss year and tap "View My Statement"
Step 1
Win Loss Statements
Step 2
Win Loss Statements
Step 3
Win Loss Statements
Step 4
Win Loss Statements
Step 5
Win Loss Statements

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