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Atlantis unveils state-of-the-art pedicure chair technology

Apr 22, 2014

Atlantis unveils state-of-the-art pedicure chair technology in Spa and Salon

RENO, NV. - Atlantis Casino Resort spa is a leader in the spa industry, and is excited to announce the arrival of new state-of-the-art pedicure chairs.

 The new pedicure chairs in Spa Atlantis and Salon Atlantis use cutting-edge AirJet™ technology that provides a one-time use liner. AirJet™ technology utilizes air pressure to produce a soothing foot massage through vigorous water motion. The patented design is the first of its kind and the health benefits are long overdue in the industry. “We have received endorsement by top medical doctors due to our safe and sanitary AirJet™ design,” said creator of AirJet™ technology, Peter Ta. The pedicure chairs have already been placed in top spas around the world, including Beverly Hills, California.

 Darlyne Sullivan, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Atlantis personally met with Ta before purchasing the pedicure chairs for the resort. “We are always looking for new products and treatments with real benefits. These new chairs include the latest technology in the spa market, furthering our commitment to provide overall wellness in every treatment and service we offer,” she said. 

 In addition to the leading edge technology, the pedicure chair is designed for complete wellness. Some of the many features include lumbar back support, LED lights that add chromo therapy, a built in cushion that inflates with air, designed to assist with circulation and blood flow, full-body Shiatsu massage and ergonomic foot rests.

 Atlantis steadfastly researches to ensure guests are provided the ultimate experience. It is because of this longstanding commitment to excellence that Atlantis is a leading spa expert, voted one of the 10 Best Casino Spas by SpaFinder Wellness Readers for four consecutive years.