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Waste Management and Atlantis Report Successful Food Waste Program

Apr 18, 2013

RENO, Nev. (April 17, 2013) - Waste Management and Atlantis Casino Resort Spa (Atlantis) announced their 2012 results from Reno’s first casino food waste program. Atlantis diverted 1,500 yards of food waste material, exceeding their goal by 56 percent. Through this program, food scraps and other organic material were separated and diverted from the traditional waste stream, and processed into compost.


This program is another environmental solution provided by Waste Management, helping close the loop on traditional waste material in the Truckee Meadows, said Sarah Polito of Waste Management.  


“We enjoy working with Atlantis, a company that shares our goal for a sustainable future.”


Polito said that Waste Management provides Atlantis staff with extensive training and education on what types of waste and recyclable material go into each receptacle at the resort. The kitchen staff then separates the food scraps from the general waste produced in the casino’s kitchens. The food waste program accepts food material such as bones, fruits and vegetables, pasta, bread, dairy products and any other food waste.


Once collected, the food scraps are transported to a local composting facility, where the material is processed and turned into compost. The production of compost is a natural process, where the decomposition of plant and animal materials are decomposed by microbes. The final product is used for gardening and landscaping to improve soil quality.


“We [Atlantis] are very proud to have exceeded our recycling goals for 2012 and look forward to continued success in 2013,” said Chira Pagidi, food and beverage director for Atlantis Casino Resort Spa. “On a recent visit to the composting facility in Carson City, I had the opportunity to see our recycling efforts turned in to beautiful piles of compost. It was very satisfying to know that this compost started out as bins of food scraps that were diverted from the landfill. “

In addition to the food waste program, Atlantis implemented a single-stream recycling program in 2011 to capture additional materials from their waste stream. This program allowed recyclable materials, such as cardboard, paperboard, paper, plastics and aluminum and steel cans, to be deposited into one container. In 2012, Atlantis recycled approximately 1,700 yards of recyclable material. 

Polito said that the investment to implement these programs demonstrates Atlantis’ commitment to the sustainability, and an effort to reduce its carbon footprint in the Truckee Meadows.

For 2013, Waste Management and Atlantis are striving to improve the casino’s diversion rate by 10 percent by continuing to separate their food waste and recyclable materials out of their waste stream.  

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