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Being On a Roll Pays Off at Atlantis Reno

Mar 19, 2013

RENO, NV. – Atlantis Casino Resort Spa awarded Rick M. from Sisters, OR with the $5,000 Long Rolls bonus for rolling the craps dice 94 consecutive times on Saturday, March 16, 2013.


Atlantis is home to the exclusive Long Rolls craps promotion introduced in April 2012. Guests win prizes for being the top shooter with the highest number of consecutive rolls for that day. Players with the top 5 longest roll for the day qualify into the next month’s $5,000 craps tournament. 


Since June 2012, the Long Rolls record at Atlantis stood at 85. Rick, who was playing in the CardPlayer Atlantis All-In Poker Series, which started on March 15, was looking for a little action in the casino before his 7pm tournament on Saturday. Once he reached 40 consecutive rolls, the energy level at the dice game started to attract more attention and players.  Rick said, “It was the best feeling ever! Lots of people were having fun, and several made a lot of money betting.” This was his first visit staying in the resort. “The hotel room was fabulous,” he said. Rick plans to use the money to continue to hone his poker skills and enjoy the other gaming options in the casino.


Atlantis is Home of the Long Rollssm. Visit the Club Paradise desk inside Atlantis to sign up for a free Club Paradise card.