Frequently Asked Questions

You can play online at or download the “Atlantis Reels” app from the Apple or Android stores. Simply search "Atlantis Reels" in your app store.
You may register for an account at When registering from our website or app, you will receive an activation email to activate your account so you can begin playing. If the activation email doesn't arrive in your inbox within 10 minutes, please check your spam folder. If you did not see the activation email in your spam folder or your inbox, please contact us via email at and include the email address you registered with so our team can activate it manually.
Yes, your web login will work with your app, and vice versa. You can continue to use the same login for future contests, as well as our ongoing "play for fun" slot games.
No, you do not need a separate login for web and mobile. We did encounter a bug related to this problem and it has since been resolved. If you continue to experience issues between platforms, please contact
There is no cost to play. You just need to register and provide your email address to win great prizes during the contest promotional period.
You must be 21 to win and redeem prizes and must provide a valid email address.
Yes, you can play as often as you like. Only a completed game will count towards the result.
Yes, your highest score is displayed on the contest page. Your highest overall ranking and ranking for that day is on the game page.
Scores for games are logged upon completion. Therefore, if your game begins before midnight on the last day, but ends after midnight, your score will not count toward the current contest. Please be sure your game is completed before the contest ends.
Upon completion of the contest, winners will be notified via email. An entire list of winners is also available at
The contest operates in the Pacific Time Zone (UTC -8).
The game is attempting to communicate with the server after each spin to record winnings and remaining credits. In case your internet connection is lost or phone connection is down, you can return to the contest screen and continue with the contest where it left off. This is done so no score is lost. Please wait a few seconds for a network message to appear.