Spa Talk June 2016

Bailey Polifka - Spa Salon Manager | June 2016

Spa Atlantis is proud to introduce new copper Tibetan singing bowls, now available in the retail reception area. Tibetan Singing Bowls are excellent meditative and therapeutic healing tools. Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls is a scientifically proven modality and has gained a strong following in Europe, the Orient and United States in the last few decades. Sound massage and singing bowls improves mental clarity and emotional stability, increases physical energy and relieves muscle tension. There are various immediate effects that you may experience such as improved sleep patterns, increased energy as well as enhanced creativity.

Using singing bowls for healing is based on the idea that a human body possesses a different resonant frequency. The body is healthy when every cell and organ resonates in harmony. When energy flow in the body is inhibited, the affected area vibrates out of tune, causing illness. The sound frequencies created by the signing bowls restore the flow of energy and bring about a state of well-being.

June is a month for celebrating graduations, celebrating fathers and this year Atlantis is celebrating its 25th anniversary, we invite you to join us! A gift certificate to Spa Atlantis reminds that special man in your life how truly treasured he is and makes the perfect gift for Father’s Day. From dads to grads, Spa Atlantis is the perfect place to celebrate!

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