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It’s the information not many casinos want you to know: the hold percentage of their slot machines. Hold percentage, at its most basic definition, is the portion of money gambled that a casino keeps. That number varies significantly from casino to casino, how a machine is played, and the amount bet on a particular game. It’s typically what takes the blame when “the slots are tight.” (you’ve never said that before, have you…?)

Here’s an example of how a hold percentage theoretically works. A guest puts $100 into a slot machine and hits spin 100 times for $1 a spin, playing a total of $100 in credits. If a casino has their hold set to eight percent, the payback to the guest would be 92 percent; meaning they would have $92 left over in credits they could cash out. The casino made $8 based on this theoretic hold percentage.

Surely you’re wondering why we put you through this crash course in casino accounting, right? Let us explain.

According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board, Reno casinos had a hold percentage of 5.32% in 2017. Now here is the interesting part, Atlantis’ Hold Percentage is 25% looser, and more generous, than the rest of Northern Nevada! That means that Atlantis’ slot machines keep less of every dollar played than the average slot machine in northern Nevada, so you win more at Atlantis! Atlantis is the place to go to make your money go further. And if your money goes further, it means you can play longer, because you’ll win even more. Talk about a win-win.

Want to learn more? You can visit There is even a link to the Nevada Gaming Control Board report which shows Reno’s hold percentage.

“We are in the entertainment industry, and it’s our goal to ensure our guests are enjoying their time with us. The fact that our slots are looser than the rest of Reno and Sparks is a huge testament to our mission of being “Every Player’s Paradise,” said David Farahi, Chief Operating Officer. “We have made a very conscious decision to be loose and stay loose for our guests.”

Atlantis slot machines are not only looser than the average slot machine in the region; they’re also the newest! Due to Atlantis’ long-standing relationship with slot makers, the newest slot machines often make their northern Nevada debut at Atlantis. Be the first to play these games – they are easily identifiable via bright yellow signs that say Exclusive Premiere Games. Whenever you see that sign, you know the game was at Atlantis first.

Most other casinos don’t talk about their hold percentage, because they don’t want you to know about it. Atlantis is proud to say it is 25% looser! We know you work hard and want to make your entertainment dollars go further. It’s our commitment to offer our guests a premier experience that has made us TripAdvsiors’ #1 Resort and so many people’s home away from home. From our action-packed casino floor, award-winning dining, world-class spa and friendly Team Members, we invite you to make Atlantis Casino Resort Spa your paradise.

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