Hot Roll Poker FAQ

How do I participate?

Please create your FREE online account with us at 'create an account'. Once you create the account and activate it, you can participate in current contest and future contests.

Can I play on my mobile phone?

A: Yes. For most iPhones and Android devices that support HTML5 the game is playable. You may also play from the "Atlantis Reno" app. For best experience, we recommend you play on your PC or Mac with the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Why is my contest score not saving?

Please make sure of the following:

A) Your internet connection must remain active in order for your scores to be sent to our server.
B) Scores are saved only after you finish a game or cash out. 
C) Cookies must be allowed within your Web browser for the contest to work properly. These settings vary for different Web browsers and security settings. Some anti-virus programs can also block the use of cookies as well if the security settings are high. Please be sure that cookies are allowed, or enable them for the domain. 
D) JavaScript must also be enabled within your Web browser.

What is the Cash Out button for?

Scores are only saved to the Leader board when the session is complete (all hands are played). Cashing out will save your score if you do not have time to finish the game but want to save your high score.

Why are the top scores so high? I can't get anywhere close!

These contests end up with very impressive scores at the top of the list. Keep in mind that in an entire contest, millions of hands can be played. With thousands of players competing, it takes great luck to appear even in the top 100 scores.

Some have wondered how a player can average hundreds of points per hand. In this case, this is not an accurate way to look at a contest session. Nobody plays 200 hands and wins them all. The top scores almost always contain a very lucky winning deal worth thousands of points on its own, which is just the nature of the game. A dealt royal flush (there are always several of these in each contest) in triple play is worth 12,000 points in itself.

If you evaluate the best possible winning deal for a game, you can be pretty sure somewhere in the millions of hands played, someone is going to achieve that, or close to it. If you are curious about how the winners achieved such high scores, click on their scores in the leader board to see the exact cards from their winning hands.

Of course, the more deals you play, the more chances you have at hitting those lucky hands. Someone is going to come out on top, and it could just as easily be your next session.

Should I change my strategy when playing in the contest?

Strategy decisions are entirely up to you as a player.

In a contest, the "right" strategy may sometimes vary from optimal strategy, given you are trying to overcome great scores and are not putting any money at risk.

Since there are only prizes for the very best scores, some players may choose to make holds that give them the best opportunity at a big winner.

Also keep in mind that in the event that two or more players have the same "best" hand in a session, the winner will be determined by all the other hands in that session.

To determine the most appropriate strategy, a player should consider the available pay tables, features of the game, and the likelihood of converting on each opportunity.

How can I view the current scores and leaders?

You can check out the Hot Roll Leaderboard.

I live outside the US. Can I play in the contests?

Presently citizens of the United States who are 21 and older are eligible for prizes in the contests.

While we would like to make contests available to members around the world, there are legal considerations that do not permit it at this time.

Please see complete contest rules for eligibility details.

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