Lucky Number 7

Play one hour of Keno for only $20!
You could win over $100,000*

How to play and win:
• Pick seven numbers
• Ask for Lucky Number 7, or write "L7" on your ticket
• Watch the next ten games to see if you've won!

— For each game —
4 out of 7 pays $7
5 out of 7 pays $17
6 out of 7 pays $777
7 out of 7 pays $17,777

Parlay 3

Win $10,000 for only $5!
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

How to play and win:
• Pick three numbers
• Ask for Parlay 3, or write "P3" on ticket
• Catch the same three numbers on the next two back-to-back games and win $10,000**

*Awarded when 7 out of 7 numbers marked are drawn on 6 or more of the 10 games played. Available on the Parrot game only. One hour of Keno is defined as 10 consecutive Keno games, usually played over the course of an hour. Once the computer generated ticket is issued, the same seven number selected will play for all ten games. L7 and P3 are available on Parrot and Toucan games. 
**Not available for Quit Race or Way tickets. $10,000 is awarded when all 3 numbers selected are drawn on 2 consecutive games. Wager only valid for game numbers noted on ticket.
Must be 21. Management reserves all rights.