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Atlantis and Waste Management Launch Organics Recycling Program

Jan 03, 2012

Waste Management and the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa (Atlantis) are excited to announce the launch of northern Nevada's first casino organics recycling program. Through this 'green' program, food scraps and other organic material will be separated and diverted from the traditional waste stream, and processed into compost. This program is just another Waste Management solution helping to close the loop on traditional waste material in the Truckee Meadows.

How it works: The kitchen staff at the Atlantis will separate food scraps from the general waste produced in the casino's kitchens. The food scraps that are collected are then transported to a local composting facility, where the material will be processed and turned into compost. The production of compost is a natural process, where the decomposition of plant and animal materials are decomposed by microbes. The final product is used for gardening to improve soil.

''The organics recycling program is part of Waste Management's closed-loop strategy, and we are excited to work with the Atlantis, a company that shares our same goal for a sustainable future,'' said Justin Caporusso, Communications Manager for Waste Management. ''Waste Management is dedicated to providing its customers with environmental solutions that reduce our impact on the environment, and capture resources traditionally seen as waste. Organics recycling is just another way we can help divert material from entering our local landfill, and we applaud the Atlantis for taking this journey with us.''

Atlantis staff will undergo training from Waste Management, which will educate them on what types of material go into each receptacle. The organics program accepts food material such as bones, fruits and vegetables, pasta, bread, dairy products and any other food waste. Waste Management is estimating that the Atlantis will initially divert 80-yards of organics waste from the local landfill monthly, and as time goes on, the amount will increase.

''We [Atlantis] are excited to partner with Waste Management on an innovative solution to reduce landfill waste while improving soil quality through composting,'' said Chira Pagidi director of food & beverage at Atlantis Casino Resort Spa. ''This partnership will not only produce readily measurable results, but will hopefully serve as an example to others regarding steps that can be taken to provide a healthier environment for the planet and future generations in our community.''

In addition to the organics recycling program, the Atlantis has implemented a Single-Stream Recycling Program to capture additional materials from their waste stream. This program allows recyclable materials, such as cardboard, chipboard, paper, plastics andaluminum and steel cans, to be deposited into one container. This program allows the Atlantis to recycling even more material, which diverts more resources from the Lockwood Landfill.

The investment to implement these programs demonstrates Waste Management and the Atlantis' commitment to become environmentally conscientious, which will further reduce both companies carbon footprint in the Truckee Meadows.

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