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Atlantis introduces electric vehicle charging stations

Feb 13, 2014

Atlantis introduces electric vehicle charging stations

RENO, NV. – Atlantis Casino Resort Spa believes in commitment and conscientiousness in green practices and is happy to announce the installation of two complimentary car charging stations, located behind the marquee and clearly marked with green paint.

 The addition of the electric car charging stations joins ongoing energy-saving efforts, including energy-efficient lighting, variable speed drives on heating and cooling water pumps and a state-of-the-art energy management system. Some specific energy-saving efforts Atlantis has implemented include:

  • Light sensors in all hotel bathrooms, back of the house departments, outside public areas, and glass units. These light sensors automatically turn off lighting when there is enough sun light exposure.
  • Installation of variable speed drives on domestic heating and cooling water pumps to capture measureable energy savings.
  • Donation of computers and parts to a local supplier that refurbishes, recycles and redistributes technology back into the community.

 Atlantis was the first casino in northern Nevada to launch an organics recycling program (see link below). Through this initiative, food scraps and other organic materials are separated and diverted from the traditional waste stream and processed into compost.