Atlantis unveils sleek multimillion $ remake of buffet

Johnathan L. Wright | Newspaper

I confess: The wooden salt and pepper shakers in Toucan Charlie’s Buffet in the Atlantis make me feel a little larcenous.

Their light brown curves would nicely garnish my kitchen counter top or the breakfast bar or the dining room (OK, dining nook) table or the grill out back (if I had a grill and an “out back” and didn’t live in a downtown condo).

I mean, would it be so bad if the shakers just fell into my book bag, oops? They’re sort of like grapes in the supermarket, aren’t they? Doesn’t the management expect a few to go missing every now and then?

My musings on petty pilfering were all in fun, but do you blame me? The shakers are stylishly new, as is everything in Toucan Charlie’s, which re-opened March 15 after 11 weeks and a multimillion-dollar refashioning that saw everything taken down to the studs (and carted away).

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