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Atlantis Casino becomes first sportsbook to release 2013 MLB win totals; Dodgers among 3 top teams

Feb 22, 2013

We thought it’d still be a couple days before the Atlantis Casino in Reno came out with their 2013 MLB regular season win totals, but we were wrong.

The Atlantis released them today, and the Tigers, Nationals and Dodgers are all tied at the top with 90. The Houston Astros—making the switch to the AL West this season—check in at the bottom with only 59.5, and still some BTB Forum members think that number is probably too high.

Interestingly enough, the Blue Jays are tied with the Yankees in the AL East (86.5 wins) and only a half-game ahead of the Rays (86) despite being listed as the favorites in that division.

Some possible good-looking bets, based on the initial discussions in that thread:

  • Red Sox over 79.5
  • Tigers over 90
  • Brewers under 79.5

New York Yankees 86.5 (under -120)
Toronto Blue Jays 86.5
Tampa Bay Rays 86
Boston Red Sox 79.5 (over -120)
Baltimore Orioles 76.5

Detroit Tigers 90
Chicago White Sox 80.5
Kansas City Royals 79
Cleveland Indians 77.5 (over -120)
Minnesota Twins 64.5

Los Angeles Angels 89.5 (over -120)
Texas Rangers 87
Oakland Athletics 83 (under -120)
Seattle Mariners 76.5
Houston Astros 59.5 (over -120)

Washington Nationals 90
Atlanta Braves 86
Philadelphia Phillies 81.5
New York Mets 74 (under -120)
Miami Marlins 64.5 (under -120)

Cincinnati Reds 88.5
St. Louis Cardinals 85.5
Milwaukee Brewers 79.5
Pittsburgh Pirates 79
Chicago Cubs 72

Los Angeles Dodgers 90
San Francisco Giants 86
Arizona Diamondbacks 81.5 (over -120)
San Diego Padres 74.5
Colorado Rockies 71.5

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