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    Atlantis is the place to play.

    We've paid over $6.4 million in Atlantis progressives. We even had three $100,000 Big Bowl Bash winners two years in a row! How lucky is that?

      • Elizabeth won $27,481.14

        December 18, 2011

        Elizabeth of Sparks, NV was awarded the Money Maker Jackpot in the amount of $27,481.14 on December 18, 2011. The Jackpot was a nice Christmas bonus for Elizabeth and her husband!

      • Morgan won $35,901.04

        December 15, 2011

        Morgan hit the Money Maker Jackpot for $35,901.04. Morgan and his wife recently moved to Reno from California. Hitting the Money Maker Jacpot was a nice welcome home for the couple.

      • Steve won $17,320!

        November 4, 2011

        Congratulations to Steve of Reno who won $17,320 on an 8-spot ticket.

      • Diana won $17,320!

        November 2, 2011

        Congratulations to Diana of Reno who won $17,320 on an 8-spot ticket.

      • Pick won $456,974.49!

        October 31, 2011

        Pick, of Atlanta, GA, won $456,974.49 in the 9-Spot Keno Progressive! He put the ticket in for 30 games and hit the big one on his 11th game while having breakfast in Purple Parrot. He said that Atlantis’ great accommodations keep him coming back!

      • Wayne won $72,595!

        October 22, 2011

        Congratulations to Wayne, from Canada, won $72,595 for catching 8-spot Progressive

      • Lynda won $12,586!

        October 22, 2011

        Congratulations to Lynda, from Reno, had a total of 7 big wins in 24 hours for a total of $12,586

      • Brian won $6,000!

        October 22, 2011

        Congratulations to Brian, from Canada, won $6,000 for catching 8 out of 9-spot Progressive

      • Galvan won $11,050.57!

        September 11, 2011

        Congratulations to Galvan winning the 6-spot progressive for $11,050.57.

      • Anita and Nicholas won $25,010.00!

        August 15, 2011

        Congratulations to Anita and Nicholas, winning $25,010.00 by hitting 8 out of 8. Nicholas doubled his winning by hitting 8 out of 8 on 2 tickets.

      • Jerry won $40,861!

        August 15, 2011

        Moneymaker was awarded on August 15 at 12:11am to Jerry! Jerry won $40,861.34!

      • Mr. Fuji won $133,667!


        Congratulations to Mr. Fuji from Reno won $133,667 (8-Spot progressive)

      • Robert won $34,000!

        June 7, 2011

        Atlantis awarded over $34,000 to local winner Robert. He hit the Money Maker progressive after just an hour of play on a video poker machine. Robert was very excited, as the jackpot was an unexpected surprise for him!

      • Thomas won $247,596!

        June 3, 2011

        Thomas won $247,596 on the Pai Gow Table at Atlantis on Friday, June 3rd! He was dealt a 7-card straight flush on Atlantis' Pai Gow Progressive!

      • Pat won $42,470!

        May 22, 2011

        Pat, a Reno local hit the Money Maker progressive on May 22nd for $42,470. Pat was accompanied by her husband, as they played the video poker machines. When asked why Pat played at the Atlantis, she excitedly said, "Is there anywhere else to play?"