Ante Up Poker Tour Atlantis Reno Pre-Registration

Ante Up Poker Tour registration

Welcome to the online pre-registration application for the Ante Up Poker Tour at the Atlantis Casino in Reno. Players can pre-register online until August 14, 2019.

Once you complete the application, you will be provided with payment instructions. Payment must be received by Atlantis Casino Resort Spa before date of selected event(s).

Ante Up Poker Tour Pre-Registration, Atlantis Reno
IDDateTimeEvent NameCost
1Sunday, August 11st10 AMPre-series Super Satellite with Seats to Main and $50k
2Thursday, August 15th5 PM$5k Warmup Bounty NLHE
3Thursday, August 15th7 PMMega to $50k
4Friday, August 16th11 AMNLHE $50k Flight A
5Friday, August 16th5 PMMega to $50k
6Friday, August 16th7 PM$5k GTD NLH
7Saturday, August 17th11 AMNLHE $50k Flight B
8Saturday, August 17th5 PMOmaha-8
9Saturday, August 17th7 PM$5k GTD NLHE
10Sunday, August 18th11 AM$10k GTD NLHE
11Sunday, August 18thNoonNLHE $50k Re-Start
12Sunday, August 18th5 PMBlack Chip Bounty
13Sunday, August 18th7 PMSurvivor
14Monday, August 19th10 AMWSPS Seniors NLHE $15k GTD
15Monday, August 19th5 PM$10k GTD NLH
16Monday, August 19th7 PMStep to Mega to Main 1 in 5
17Tuesday, August 20th10 AMPrime 55 Seniors NLHE Re-Start
18Tuesday, August 20th11 AMBattle of the Ages
19Tuesday, August 20th5 PM8-Game Mix
20Tuesday, August 20th7 PMMega to Main 1 in 5 Win
21Wednesday, August 21st11 AMNLH 6-MAX $10k GTD
22Wednesday, August 21st5 PMMega to Main 1 in 5 Win
23Wednesday, August 21st7 PMMega to Main 1 in 10 Win
24Thursday, August 22nd11 AMNLH $20k GTD $200 Bounties
25Thursday, August 22nd5 PMMega to Main 1 in 5 Win
26Thursday, August 22nd7 PMMega to Main 1 in 10 Win
27Friday, August 23rd9 AMTurbo to Main 1-5 Win
28Friday, August 23rd11 AM$200k Main Event Day 1A
29Friday, August 23rd5 PMMega to Main 1 in 10 Win
30Friday, August 23rd7 PMMega to Main 1 in 5 Win
31Saturday, August 24th9 AMTurbo to Main 1 in 5 Win
32Saturday, August 24th11 AM$200k Main Event Day 1B
33Saturday, August 24th7 PM$5k GTD NLH
34Sunday, August 25th11 AM$10k NLH Bounty
35Sunday, August 25thNoonMain Re-start
36Sunday, August 25th5 PMThe Kitchen Sink