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    Home of the fastest building progressive Keno jackpots.

    More to the Meter Keno Progressive - Only at Atlantis

    Fifty cents from every More to the Meter wager will go directly into the progressive jackpot. Unlike other progressive jackpots, Atlantis' More to the Meter Keno progressives will not be capped, so there is no limit to how much you can win! More to the Meter progressives are exclusively at Atlantis, and guaranteed to hit right here. Put more of your wager toward Atlantis' in-house More to the Meter Keno Progressives, now offering 5-spot, 6-spot, 7-spot, 8-spot and 9-spot progressives. The Atlantis Keno Room offers 24/7 action on traditional ball keno games as well as modern computer draws. Visit the Keno Room for details. There are no caps on Atlantis Keno Progressives.

      • David won $15,000!

        December 5, 2012

        Congratulations to David of California who won $15,000 when he hit the 8-spot on December 5, 2012.

      • Clint won $14,266.29!

        October 31, 2012

        Congratulations to Clint who won $14,266.29 when he hit the Pro-6 and 7 out of 8 on October 31, 2012.

      • Reynold won $17,480!

        October 7, 2012

        Congratulations to Reynold from San Francisco who took first place in the Voyage Keno Tournament and won $17,480.

      • Diana won $64,236.41!

        September 10, 2012

        Congratulations to Diana of Reno who hit the Keno 8-spot Progressive to win $64,236.41.

      • James & Jeanette T. won $8,500!

        September 10, 2012

        Congratulations to James and Jeanette T. who won $8,500 when they hit the 6-spot Catch All.

      • Mike won $8,500 and $15,000!

        August 13, 2012

        Congratulations to Mike of Reno who won twice, $8,500 and $15,000, when he hit the 6-spot Catch All and 8-spot Catch All, respectively.

      • Nicholas won $93,023.38!

        June 18, 2012

        Nicholas, of Paradise, California hit the "More to the Meter" 8-Spot Keno Progressive for $93,028.38 on Monday, June 18, 2012 at Atlantis Casino Resort Spa! Nicholas, a World War II Veteran, was in Reno celebrating Father's Day with his daughter

      • Gene won $20,000!

        March 4, 2012

        Congratulations to Gene won $20,000 on March 4, 2012 playing our 9-spot Keno Progressive!

      • Alan won $97,707.36!

        February 28, 2012

        Alan won $97,707.36 on February 28, 2012 playing our 7-spot Keno Progressive. Congratulations, Alan!

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