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    Atlantis is the place to play.

    We've paid over $6.1 million in Atlantis progressives. We even had three $100,000 Big Bowl Bash winners two years in a row! How lucky is that?

      • Jason won at Atlantis Reno

        Margaret won $10,000!

        July 6, 2014

        Margaret S. won $10,000 on Sunday, July 6 as a part of Atlantis’s year-long promotion, Driven to Win. Margaret made six consecutive correct guesses in the High Low card game to take home the $10,000. Congratulations!

      • Patricia B won at Atlantis Reno

        Patricia B. won $34,818.94!

        June 30, 2014

        Patricia B. hit the Money Maker Jackpot at $34,818.94. She was playing video poker in the $0.10 denomination and had only been playing for 20 minutes when she hit the jackpot.

      • James won at Atlantis Reno

        James won $10,000!

        June 15, 2014

        On June 15, 2014, James H. played the High/Low game that’s a part of Atlantis’s yearlong Driven to Win promotion, winning $10,000. From Sparks, NV, James plans to put the money in the bank for a future business remodel.

      • Lee won at Atlantis Reno

        Lee A. won $35,880.00!

        June 12, 2014

        On June 12, 2014, Lee A. from Muskegon, MI won $35,880.00 playing Keno in the $.10 denomination. An Atlantis regular who loves Keno, Lee said he was “numb” after finding out he hit the big jackpot. Pictured in the attached photo with Lee is Betty B.

      • Jason won at Atlantis Reno

        Nadine won $29,159.35!

        June 12, 2014

        On June 12, 2014, Nadine B. from Kealakekua, HI won $29,159.35 playing the $0.01 Quick Hit Platinum slot machine. This was her first visit to Atlantis, and plans on going on vacation with her winnings.

      • Rosemarie won at Atlantis Reno

        Rosemarie won $12,150.00!

        June 6, 2014

        Atlantis awarded $12,150.00 to Rosemarie D. on June 6, 2014. Rosemarie had only made three spins on the Carnival of Mystery slot machine before hitting the jackpot. She’s in town for the USBC Women’s Bowling Championships.

      • Rosemarie won at Atlantis Reno

        Steven won $30,000.00!

        May 31, 2014

        Steven S. from Reno, NV was the lucky guest who was given a chance to take home a BMW or $30,000.00 in cash. Steven chose the cash and plans to buy a car with his winnings.

      • Jason won at Atlantis Reno

        Emani won $24,562.81!

        May 30, 2014

        New Club Paradise member. Moments later, that guest, Emani V. inserted his card into a Buffalo slot machine for the first time and won the Money Maker Jackpot, taking home $24,562.81. Emani says he was visiting Atlantis for the first time with friends and was “feeling lucky.” We’d say so! He plans on spending his jackpot winnings on a trip to Hawaii.

      • Catherine won at Atlantis Reno

        Cathy B. won $200,704!

        May 3, 2014

        Catherine B. hit the 7-card straight flush (no joker) on May 3rd! She won the $135,704 jackpot as well as her fortune bonus, which paid the $65,000 max aggregate. She was the only player, thus she took 100% of the jackpot. Congratulations Catherine!

      • Olympia won at Atlantis Reno

        Olympia won $15,000!

        April 5, 2014

        Olympia S. from Napa, CA hit the Keno 8-spot on April 5, 2014 and took home $15,000! Olympia was in town for a Keno Tournament, and plans to save and play more Keno with her winnings.

      • Joanne won at Atlantis Reno

        Joanne won $10,000!

        March 29, 2014

        For March Mania, Atlantis combined its online free app, Atlantis Reels, with its in-person slot tournament, Paradise Party Reels. There were many qualifying rounds, and at the end, Joanne M. took home the first place prize of $10,000.

      • Jason won at Atlantis Reno

        Jason won $30,000!

        March 29, 2014

        Jason V. from California was playing the Red, White, Blue slot machine on March 29, 2014 at the $100 value, and he won big – hitting the $30,000 jackpot! Jason has been playing at Atlantis for years and is going to take one nice vacation with his winnings.

      • Alain wonat Atlantis Reno

        Alain won $49,014!

        March 27, 2014

        Alain M. from Reno, NV hit it big playing on a $1 slot. He was playing for 30 minutes before hitting the jackpot, awarding him $49,014. Alain plans on using the money as a down payment for a house.

      • Cheryl won Money Maker Atlantis Reno

        Cheryl won $23,732.01!

        February 26, 2014

        Cheryl B. from Sparks, NV won the Money Maker Jackpot of $23,732.01 while playing a zombie themed slot machine. In addition, 244 guests received $25 in the Free Slot Play celebration bonus.

      • Glen won Keno Atlantis Reno

        Glen won $14,870!

        February 22, 2014

        Glen L. from Laytonville, CA won $14,870 playing Keno. Glen was in town to celebrate his anniversary and birthday, and plans to play more Keno with his winnings.

      • Jerry P won Driven to Win Atlantis Reno

        Jerry won $30,000!

        February 22, 2014

        In the first Driven to Win quarterly finale, Jerry P. from Reno, NV was given the opportunity to choose between a new BMW or cash, and chose the cash, to the tune of $30,000!

      • Elizabeth Money Maker Winner

        Elizabeth won $36,424.15!

        February 18, 2014

        Elizabeth B. from Carson City, NV hit the Money Maker Jackpot on February 18, 2014. She won $36,424.15 playing the Pompeii slot machine. She plans on putting all of her winnings into savings.

      • Wheel of Fortune Winner

        Guest won $3,894,219.06!

        February 16, 2014

        The guest put $50 into the machine and hit the jackpot on Wheel of Fortune® slot, winning over $3.89 million!

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      • Diana S won Keno

        Diana won $9,779.12!

        February 4, 2014

        Diana S. hit the Keno pro-6 and was awarded $9,779.12!

      • Donald M won Superbowl bet Atlantis

        Donald won $100,000!

        February 2, 2014

        Atlantis was the only casino in Reno that offered a $100,000 kickoff return promotion during Big Bowl Bash. Donald M. was the lucky winner. He is a regular at Atlantis, and plans on keeping his $100,000.

      • Anthony S won Superbowl bet Atlantis

        Anthony won $100,000!

        February 2, 2014

        Anthony S. won $100,000 at the Atlantis' Race & Sports Book during Big Bowl Bash! He is one of the three guests to win $100,000 from the kickoff return promotion! Guests were jumping up and down, hugging each other and cheering.

      • Alexander W won Superbowl bet Atlantis

        Alexander won $100,000!

        February 2, 2014

        As Harvin crossed into the end zone, Alexander W. made his way out of Atlantis’ Paradise Ballroom and sprinted up and down the Grand Promenade in sheer excitement. Atlantis was the only casino in Reno that offered a $100,000 kickoff return promotion

      • Michelle B won Keno Jackpot

        Joe won $8,150!

        January 30, 2014

        Joe A. from Reno, NV won big playing Keno. Joe played four Keno games before hitting 7 out of 7 and taking home $8,150!

      • Bruce G Money Maker Jackpot

        Bruce  won $21,916!

        January 11, 2014

        Bruce G. from Sparks, NV, hit the Money Maker jackpot raking in $21,916! Bruce was playing the Radical Royals video poker game in the $1 denomination and plans to remodel his home with his winnings.

      • Brent M Money Maker Jackpot

        Brent won $49,064.99!

        January 6, 2014

        Brent M. from Reno, NV, took home $49,064.99! Brent was playing video poker in the $1 denomination and had only been playing 10 minutes before hitting the Money Maker jackpot.

      • Michelle B won Ultimate Texas Hold'Em

        Michelle won $6,900!

        January 3, 2014

        Michelle B. won $6,900 playing Ultimate Texas Hold’Em. Michelle enjoyed spending New Year’s Eve at Atlantis, and plans on buying her grandchildren presents with her winnings.